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Our Products - Help Page

Classic Colors: Classic Colors refer to core colors that are consistently available and are not limited edition. These are timeless and permanent additions to our product line.

Limited Edition Scrubs and Colors: Limited Edition Scrubs and Colors are special releases that are available for a limited time. These are unique and may not be part of the regular collection.

MG Flex Technology: Our products feature innovative MG Flex Technology, offering a lightweight and silky soft touch with fade-resistant properties. The fabric provides effortless 6-way stretch, a smooth finish inside and out, anti-wrinkle capabilities, moisture-wicking, breathability, odor management, and vibrant color retention.

Pre-Order Products: We currently do not offer pre-order options for our products.

Specific Color Unavailability: If you don't find the specific color you need for work, please reach out to us at or call 800-444-2154 for assistance.

Short and Tall Sizes: We offer short sizes but do not currently have tall sizes. Short sizes may not be available in our newest collections.

Expanding Sizes: We plan to offer more sizes in the future to cater to a broader range of customers.

Sold Out Sizes or Styles: If your size or preferred style is sold out, contact us at or call 800-444-2154 for further assistance.

Scrub Pant Style with Most Pockets: For the scrub pant style with the most pockets, refer to our product details or contact customer care for specific information.

Sizing and Custom Sets: Check our size chart for guidance on finding your size. If you're between sizes, note that our pants tend to run a bit larger. Unfortunately, we do not offer custom sets at this time.